• Why We’re Different

    Why We’re Different

    Evgentech approaches battery charging in a new way. We reject 100 plus year old electrical engineering paradigms to re-vision the interaction between a battery and power input during the charging process. This allows us to charge batteries at up to 10 times faster without causing damage.

  • Our Breakthrough

    Our Breakthrough

    Evgentech’s process leverages the internal features inherent in all batteries to allow more efficient transfer of ions during charging.  By inputting power in a way that does not cause the usual negative responses that limit charging speed, Evgentech can charge batteries faster than previously believed possible.

  • Fast charge varied batteries and devices

    Fast charge varied batteries and devices

    Evgentech technology represents a new power input methodology, not a new chemistry, battery management method or algorithm. To date, our method has been tested on lithium ion, NiMH, NiCd and alkaline batteries, all with excellent results. Few product modifications will be needed to implement our fast charging systems, making time to market very quick in many areas.

  • More Charge. Faster.

    More Charge. Faster.

    Evgentech’s process can provide meaningful charging to EV’s and other devices in a fraction of the time required today. For example, electric vehicles could achieve about 25 % charge levels from standard public charging stations in as little as 30 minutes vs. the 2 hours needed today.

Isn't it time Think Outside the Battery?
Battery performance has improved greatly in recent years. Breakthroughs in chemistry and nanotechnology have made it possible for consumers to go many hours—and even days—between charges. However, even while the need for recharging continues to decrease, there have been no real breakthroughs in the time required to recharge a depleted battery. And, if a battery powered device is not usable when consumers want to use it, the product amounts to nothing more than an expensive "brick." Most consumers regularly experience the anxiety associated with watching a device signal that the battery is almost gone, and the pain will only increase as we become more dependent on batteries to power our lives. Why does it take so long to charge our batteries? Quite simply, we charge batteries using a methodology that has not changed very much in over 100 years. At Evgentech, we believe it is time to reject outdated beliefs about charging and bring battery power fully into the 21st Century.